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And if after the free weekend you decide to become a paying member, we’ve linked to some promo codes to save you money.Welcome to The Answer Box, where the team at Online Dating Magazine and the Online Dating News Blog take your questions about online dating and provides short, concise, and informative answers. Arrive early to your destination so that you are not late. If you’re a man, open the door for the lady when the opportunity arises. Look your date in the eyes when talking and listening. Study your date’s profile and emails (if you met online) in advance so that you can cover topics of interest to him/her during your conversation. The Answer Box The Answer Box provides concise and informative answers to your dating questions.

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Both events started today, Friday February 12 and will go through Monday, February 16.

The two most interesting elements from the infographic: 1) That more than 50% of those targeted (at least in Australia) fall victim to romance scams.

2) That in the US, men (50-59) lose just over .5 million a year while US women (50-59) lose .8 million.

Online Dating Magazine has released an infographic that deals with the topic of romance scams.

You can see (and even republish on your site/blog) that infographic below.

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