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Moodysson integrates the essence of the punk movement, grounded in an anti-establishment anarchy and the rejection of a conformist mainstream, into the universally troublesome time of teenage life, inhabited as it is blond high-school bitches, embarrassing parents, unreachable lovers, and constant feelings of isolation.Fine, empathetically ironic observation marks the characterizations of Bobo and Klara, who register as two very distinct presences.Amusingly, it’s Bobo, with her short and curly hair and oversized Harry Potter glasses, who sells the rebellious attitude better than the mouthy and mohawk-coiffed Klara.

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"I hate musicals because it's so stupid when people start singing out of nowhere," he says."I wanted this to feel natural, where the actors are playing their own instruments.The film is quite documentary in that way." Most of the music in "We Are the Best! Lukas professes little interest in early punk acts such as the Ramones or Iggy and the Stooges.They quickly grew fond of the period portrayed in the film."All three of the girls felt like there was less stress in the '80s," Moodysson says.

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