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I want to talk about the more qualitative side of the Xbox One X from a simple gamer’s perspective without crunching numbers – so let’s do that by looking at a couple of games.

In terms of hardware, however, Microsoft has nailed it.

The problem is the cables that run from the 360 to the TV also go through a false wall to keep all the cabling neat and it is apparently too much of a pain for them to pull it all out so I can take the 360 to my place and update it for them.

The Xbox One X impresses with its power, slick visual design and more importantly with the general attitude Microsoft is showing in their development of this machine.

And how much do you care about visual fidelity and performance?

With Microsoft promising all upcoming games will run on both machines and their continued and excellent dedication to the PC, this isn’t a simple no-brainer, time-to-upgrade purchase but instead something much more complicated.

The Xbox One X is an incredible piece of kit, and even though its fairly steep launch price might make you balk at first, it feels worth it for the power that’s on offer.

I feel compelled to use my Xbox more often already as it no longer feels vastly inferior to my PC, and if I didn’t own a PC it’d definitely become my go-to place for third party games.

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