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Attempting to speak to the Moscow-based brand Boutique-No.7’s exclusivity, it’s recently renovated outpost conveys the look and feel of an art gallery.

Designed by Culde Sac (Valencia, Spain), B-No.7, as it’s referred to colloquially, is owned and operated by the Muscovite influencer Armida, who had a big impact on the store’s design, acc...

Jack the Clipper has since become a household name; renowned f...

Italian luxury shoemaker Aquazzura opened its first West Coast boutique at the upscale South Coast Plaza shopping mall in Costa Mesa.

He lost his previous settlement, and turned a NOMAD.

The Grade II listed, 19th century building was originally used as a tack room for horses making it a natural fit for the brand's own retail concept, which consists of an industrial, stripped down environment. There’s a unique, brand-new player on the luxury goods market.

Despite slow economic growth in Japan due to a decline in the number of workers in the country, Deloitte remains optimistic for retailers, stating in its study, “Japan should be seen as a cash cow in that it is flush with a steady supply of affluent customers who will continue to spend.” The country’s earnings demographics have precipitate... it’s a local shoe producer, with a small factory in Bucharest creating his own personal line of shoes starting from 2006. in the old city center of Bucharest, a place mainly populated by old historical buildings (19-20th buildings).

This part of town it’s a pedestrian area, very popul...

Gucci has recently opened up a new store in Miami’s Design District.

The new store spans 4,700 square-feet over 2 floors.

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