Single salad love test

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My husband and I recently (as of this past week) switched to a vegan lifestyle and I will say that I already have more energy and feel all around healthier after just 2 days!I have already made your apple pie oatmeal and oil free zucchini bread…this recipe is next! Reply God I’m the opposite, I think too much about lunch sometimes to the detriment of dinner as I’m out the door to work at 6.30am so I need to be organised.

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Also, adding kelp flakes gives it a nice “sea” taste. I am totally like you…I can’t be bothered most of the time making a fancy lunch for myself. I am happy to prep things for lunch ahead of time, but like you said, I hate chopping and preparing for lunch, and most of all, washing lots of dishes after lunch.

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I’ll be giving this variation a try to change things up a bit!

I’m like you, lunch needs to be easy because I’m usually packing it 5 minutes after I should have left for work in the morning! I do enjoy tuna every once in a loooong while, and I totally know what you mean, chickpeas aren’t going to taste like tuna.

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