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The county courts decided in both Freeman’s and Walker’s favor.

The Massachusetts Supreme Judicial Court, the state’s highest legal authority, was tasked with enforcing the state’s foundational laws and applying its promised rights and freedoms to all residents.

Those parents, like Strongheart, Wong, and Freeman and Walker before them, used ideas to create a more just society, providing hints as to how today’s activists can best work to achieve progress.

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Freeman, Walker and their allies pressed the court to decide whether the Constitution’s laws and rights pertained to slaves, hoping to change the conversation to include, rather than exclude, this Massachusetts community. The Supreme Court Chief Justice William Cushing explained that the 1780 Constitution and the new nation’s ideals rendered slavery illegal because “a different idea” had taken hold when the Constitution declared “all men are born free and equal.” As a result, he could only conclude that slavery was “inconsistent with our own conduct and Constitution.” Within a decade, pressured by both the court decisions and their communities, Massachusetts slave owners voluntarily freed their slaves, often by changing the arrangements to those of wage labor.

The 1790 federal census listed no slaves in Massachusetts, making it the first state to comprehensively abolish slavery.

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