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She has orange hair and light brown eyes which is noted by Aira's mother to look exactly like how a younger Sonata did.

She seems to be knowledgeable about love from a certain book of hers.

Aira is a huge fan of Mion, having called her "Mion-sama" for a while before being asked by the latter to stop.

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She is a junior high school girl who, one day, was scouted by a man named Jun to be a Prism Star.She was born on September 3, 1997, which is coincidentally the same date as Rizumu's.She is known to be clumsy, naive, and nonathletic, but is very optimistic and considerate of others.Her wedding dress name is "Pure Fresh Wedding Dress" and her Symphonia dress name is "Romantic Night Wedding Dress".In the future, she became the President of Pretty Top and has Wataru working with her.

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