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Caladryl has actual medicine in it, like Benadryl does to take down an allergic reaction (both end in -dryl).

Please make sure you are using the right product!!!

Definitely an HG product for those pimples that are at the beginning stages! I find it is ineffective on my deep cysts but on smaller acne it helps clear it. I also use this under makeup to hide the redness of the cyst ( normal makeup doesn’t cover them for long and I’m not a fan of heavy makeup while I’m breaking out) so I’m not longer worried that there’s going to be big red beacons on my chin and forehead.

I rated packaging 2 because the one I buy comes in a large glass bottle I have to use my own plastic travel bottles for it. - During my 26 years of life, I have struggled with my skin on many levels.

As i said, it brings out the oils and they then sit on your face under the makeup.

Some people have used this in conjunction with their liquid foundation and said it looked good, I haven't tried that method.

People have been using Calamine lotion for years to relieve itchiness from chicken pox, eczema, rashes, poison ivy, poison sumac and poison oak.

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I have a really bad habit of picking at any blemishes I have (trying so hard to quit) and yesterday I felt a bit one brewing under the skin on my cheek.These are two completely different products and confusing them could be dangerous to your skin.If you are looking for calamine lotion (popular for face primer) buy only calamine lotion - thats exactly how its listed at the store. Caladryl and Caladryl clear are calamine PLUS an antihistamine!!I tried squeezing it once which obviously was a bad idea and made it red and inflamed.To stop myself I took a q tip and put some calamine on it and left it overnight. The swelling Went down completely and the redness reduced 90%. Plus you only need a tiny bit of product and the bottle is huge so for Canadian a bottle will last you forever.

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