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The resident artist performs several times throughout the festival, participates in educational events and other programs leading up to Labor Day weekend and becomes a de facto spokesperson for the festival.

Tom was born and raised in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.

It was the mid '60s and Metheny, not quite a teenager, was hip enough to know that Detroit was where all the Motown hits were manufactured and that the same soil had nurtured Burrell's soulfulness.

Traveling to Detroit was like a trip to Mecca."Just to show you how important Detroit is for me personally, I was conceived on a trip that my mom and dad were taking to Detroit — they told me this later — in Evansville, Ind.," Metheny said.

Paris is probably the only city in the world you don’t need to convince anyone to visit.

As Audrey Hepburn famously said, “Paris is always a good idea” and the array of cultural, architectural and social venues that make the city so fabulous would go beyond the constraints of this blog.

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