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A dependency parser, a base phrase chunker, and a named-entity recognizer module were added more recently.

Where possible, Frog makes use of multi-processor support to run subtasks in parallel.

Participial adjectives have lexical pointers to the verbs that they are derived from.

( Synset.html) So I guess it depends on who writes the interface, what sort of perspective they take towards adjective-adverb relationship.

Notice: we are in the process of writing a reference guide for Frog that explains all options in detail.

Before you know it, you realise your date has disappeared and will never be seen again.

While it might not be appropriate in every case, even a short text message can be good practice of your assertiveness.

Various (re)programming rounds have been made possible through funding by NWO, the Netherlands Organisation for Scientific Research, particularly under the CGN project, the IMIX programme, the Implicit Linguistics project, the CLARIN-NL programme and the CLARIAH programme. Vandeghinste (Eds.), Selected Papers of the 17th Computational Linguistics in the Netherlands Meeting, Leuven, Belgium, pp.

Frog's current version will tokenize, tag, lemmatize, and morphologically segment word tokens in Dutch text files, will assign a dependency graph to each sentence, will identify the base phrase chunks in the sentence, and will attempt to find and label all named entities. 99-114 Frog, formerly known as Tadpole and before that as MB-TALPA, was coded by Bertjan Busser, Ko van der Sloot, Maarten van Gompel, and Peter Berck, subsuming code by Sander Canisius (constraint satisfaction inference-based dependency parser), Antal van den Bosch (MBMA, MBLEM, tagger-lemmatizer integration), Jakub Zavrel (MBT), and Maarten van Gompel (Ucto).

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