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I still feel like question 47 should be reworded but it's not my class and I got it right so it's all good with me.- justin 2016-03-14Recently I had the privilege to take an MMSEC class with A. I can honestly say, every person in my group left this class a better, and safer rider.5 Stars *****- Anthony Treece 2016-03-13I just took the feb 27 class that just gets you through the written test.I like and appreciate honesty and directness and that's what I got.Shouldn't expect less from a marine and cop combination.

Now that I have my license I can't wait to get on the roads and get some Mile's under my belt. - Matt P 2015-10-12Gentlemen, thank you for a great experience.Had a never ridden 19 yo next to me do better on the test .I did not know what to expect given I just googled where to go but was pleasantly surprised.They were incredibly helpful and encouraging to all students. - Darcie 2016-05-08What can I say other than a great class all around.There was a lot to learn in two days and they were very patient with us. Bud and Jason were patient and knowledgeable instructors with great book and real life examples.

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