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In the "About Us" section, the founder of the website shares her own story: " In 2009, Dong Yang and her husband, who were both new believers and did not understand the truth about marriage and divorce, divorced. Because of the pain, she learned to walk with God and became involved in marriage and family ministries.

She learned how to make a web site and built one that would help brothers and sisters.

In the online dating word, there are two types of sites: those that cater to everyone regardless of sexual preference, race or religion, and the ones that instead focus on a more specific aspect so people can meet people who share the same interests and way of life.

Christian Match Maker belongs to the latter group, as their main target audience is Christians.

The Bible says, "Do not be unequally yoked." It teaches that we are to marry those who are in the Lord.

However, because of the imbalance of men and women in the Church, this isnt easy.

Of course, this fact isn’t just showcased in the name, as Christian Match Maker designed its matchmaking to consider specific aspects related to Christianity when recommending possible date partners.

Traditional online dating sites do not cater to one specific singles demographic, but advertises with everyone in mind.

One section of the website is titled "Success Stories," where you can find stories of people finding their spouses.

The ministry not only helps people find friends, but leads to marriages as well.

An example of these kind of services you find online is Great Expectactions. If you’ve heard of My Space, then you are dealing with a social network.

Just know that if you decide to use a matchmaker dating site, you will pay a handsome fee for their services. They are not primarily online dating sites, but you can definitely meet other singles on them.

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