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He hires his friend Nate as a singer to keep the cafe going, only to realize his lack of singing talents.

Fortunately, new girl Bella decides to join in as their singer and saves the cafe from losing customers.

At the end of the episode, Rikki puts Zane's motorcycle up for auction to save their finances.

Zane is also present when Cleo's father, Don, marries a woman named Sam, and bids Lewis farewell when he leaves to study science in America.

After feeling jealous about how Will Benjamin is always diving with the girls, he decides to offer his sister Sophie his sponsorship to help him into the Free-Diving Championship, but he is really aiming to challenge him.

His vendetta almost kills Will until he calls for Rikki's help, though he secretly keeps his sponsorship for Will. The rest of the season he spends trying, in vain, to win her back.

When the cafe gets close to a bankrupt, Zane organizes a motorcycle race, in which he has Nate cheat for him to win all the participants' money.

Throughout the second season, Zane's personality begins to change slightly in a nice way, after discovering Rikki again as a mermaid where he tells her that "I was the only one around here that did believe in mermaids" and the two become a couple again, promising not to tell the girls' secret to the world.

On some occasions Zane becomes more nice to the girls, and has helped Lewis protect the girl's secret from other people: mostly from Nate.

In season 3, Zane leaves the country for summer holidays and returns to Rikki with a surprise: he has bought the The Juice Net Cafe and converted it into "Rikki's".

With the help of Lewis (who is often dragged into Zane's crazy schemes) he saves the girls from Dr. He and Rikki break-up after that saying 'they're too different' and Zane goes off for a short stay at Boarding School.

"The obnoxious stuff is just an act, he tries to keep people away." was once stated by Rikki.

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