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Many people have reported that they are not getting any response from We Chat. Also consider contacting your local We Chat Country team through Facebook or other channels. To begin, head to the We Chat Public Platform website and click on the link in the top right corner: Fill in your email, enter a password twice, and copy the CAPTCHA.We Chat will send an email to the address you provide.We have translated the much shorter account details form below: After you successfully submit this form, finish by following steps four and five just like a Chinese organization.Note that individuals can only register a Subscription Account.You can link up to two We Chat Official Accounts to any one Chinese individual/ID.The last part of the form requires you to upload a scanned image of a completed, signed, and chopped We Chat Application Form (授权运营书 or shòuquán yùnyíng shū).You now have three choices: a Service Account (服务号 or .

All images must be saved as .jpg, .jpeg, .bmp, or and cannot exceed 2MB.

If you have Body Chat (app for lovense) and want to play :2 minutes 100 tokens. If you wont install it on your phone - not a problem. tokens and i will give you a special link that can be generated by me only.

and so so on) just tip and i will pm you for your Body Chat email)2.

You can download the We Chat Application Form here.

The items you will need: Start by designating your account type. You will need to reference your business license for the next several fields: Example Chinese Business License (营业执照 or yíngyè zhízhào): Next enter your Organization Code number: This is located at the top of your Organization Code Certificate ( 组织机构代码证 or zǔzhī jīgòu dàimǎ zhèng): The next section of the form concerns the Chinese account owner or employee.

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