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Kentucky Pharmacy now selling Naloxone without a prescription. Venezuela citizens working for twenty cents an hour.

Research proves raw milk prevents infections and helps the immune system; so why have states made it illegal? Washington DC is shedding restaurant jobs as fightfor15 is a failure as expected.

Japan's nuclear reactor disaster now admits coverup. Agenda 21 and the elites plan for global domination. : FDA approves Stomach pump so people can gorge and then pump stomachs. Big pharma ordered to pay 67,000,000 on a cancer drug that was mis marketed Student loans are massively in default. Good show : The frog and the scorpion ..hear story Update on the orlando shooting Hillary wants another assault weapon ban...wants a lot more than this Saudi crown prince says we fund 20% of Clinton's campaign. Military wants ak47s made in the USA Mercury dental fillings and their side effects : Oklahoma is stealing money from drivers who have money in their acct via wireless transfer when stopped by police. Teds story of meeting a Ted Kennedy bleeding heart liberal while on a plane.

Wiki leaks and Russia getting to release more info on Clinton. Will England leave the European who will make that decision Walter cannons prepared for protestors in Dresden. Obama admits Hillary is under criminal investigation. Looks like the democratic convention won't be contested. San Jose police chief admits to allowing peaceful Trump attenders to be attacked.

: Beets and turmeric: some of the best nutrients for inflammation. Hillary blatantly implies that independent media has not place in her tyrannical government. Monsanto rhetoric trying to claim bananas are all going extinct naturally : Lana Broer Discusses detailed tips for pregnancy and post birth. Justice department announces it will be ending For Profit Prisons. : Iowa parade floats depicts Hillary behind bars wearing an orange jump suit.

German citizens being told to now store water and food. Behavior issues in kids when pregnant moms take Tylenol.

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    Consumers used to go to their Yellow Page Directories, Newspaper, or Radio and TV to find product or service providers.

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