Courteney cox dating brian van holt

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As we told you, Corey Feldman was named in a police report alleging sexual battery on Monday. The new American Idol reboot won't feature bad auditions - and that's a bad move!

Since then his representation has gone into attack mode, claiming Corey is innocent and being targeted by former band members upset over a canceled tour. And much MORE, including Drake, James Franco, Bella Hadid, Michael Douglas, Michelle Williams, G-Eazy, Corey Feldman, Catt Sadler and Snooki!

“She’s been in the limelight for so long she doesn’t think twice about it. “But knowing them, I know that it’s ridiculous.” Costar Busy Phillipps said she poked fun at the pair when the rumors surfaced. Barts and I was like, ‘Will you stop dating Courteney, because it’s getting really awkward for the rest of us? “I do lean on all of the people on the show,” she said. During hard times it’s just also better sometimes just to work, and it’s great to do a comedy.

She does not live her life in fear of what people might say.” Van Holt, who plays Cox’s ex-husband, also quickly learned to take the rumors in stride. “Don’t take it seriously and don’t listen.” Teasing from his castmates helped relieve any pressure, said Van Holt. ’ ” But that didn’t stop producer Bill Lawrence from cutting to the chase Wednesday night.

“I think it’s very courageous and I have a lot of respect for him for doing so,” Van Holt says.

“My thoughts and prayers go out to him and his family, Courteney and everybody.

It's a good friendship and very healthy for the environment that we're working in." And he's even supportive of her ex, David Arquette's decision to go to rehab.

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boasts an energetic ensemble – but even off-camera, the cast acts like a family.

A source reveals: "There was no indication anything was going on. They were perfectly professional, though not particularly cuddly. None of them knew about the split until just now." It's nice to know they weren't technically cheating on each other before their split was made public.

Sources close to Courteney Cox and David Arquette have said that the former couple had an open marriage during the months preceding their separation.

"My thoughts and prayers go out to him and his family, Courteney and everybody.

I think it's fantastic." They sure seem, uh, friendly!

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