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The Christian Church By virtue of her Divine charter, "Going, teach ye all nations", the Church is essentially a teaching organization. Primarily she was instituted to dispense the means of salvation, and to teach the truths which are necessary to salvation.These truths are spiritual and moral, and her catechumenal schools were instituted for the purpose of teaching them.At the same time episcopal schools, though instituted primarily for the education of clerical candidates, did not decline to admit secular scholars, especially after the State schools of the empire had fallen into decay.There were parochial schools also, which, while they aimed at fostering vocations to the priesthood, were expressly commanded not to deny their pupils the right to enter the married state as soon as they reached the age of maturity ( cum ad œtatem perfectam pervenerint ).Schools of this type became more numerous as time went on.In the Council of Vaison (529) the priests of Gaul are commanded to take boys into their household and teach them to read "the Psalms , and the Holy Scripture and to instruct them in the Law of God ".While he stood gazing before the priest's court, there arose before him an august vision of Yahweh sitting on the throne of His glory.On each side of the throne stood mysterious guardians, each supplied with six wings: two to bear them up, two veiling their faces, and two covering their feet, now naked, as became priestly service in the presence of the Almighty.

Religion being the supreme co-ordinating principle in education, as it is in life, if the so-called secular branches of knowledge are taught without reference to religion, the Church feels that an educational mistake is being made, that the "one thing necessary" is being excluded, to the detriment of education itself.They were, consequently, academies of higher learning.Out of them grew the first great schools of theological controversy and also the schools for the special training of the clergy, although there were, almost from the beginning, schools attached to the household of the bishops (episcopal schools) where clerics were trained, We have reason to believe that in some instances, as in the catechetical school of Protogenes at Edessa (about 180), not only the higher branches but also the elementary branches were taught in the catechetical schools.Therefore she assumes the task of teaching the secular branches in such a way that religion is the centralizing, unifying, and vitalizing force in the educational process.Whenever there is positive and immediate danger of loss of faith, the Church cannot allow her children to run the risk of perversion; whenever religion is left out of the curriculum, she tries to supply the defect.

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    The second concerns the transnational features of some contemporary remaking of the memory of Jews and the Holocaust and the impact of the West on this remaking process.[2] Some themes and strategies for dealing with the memory of the Holocaust and Jews in Poland resemble those of other postcommunist states, but in the latter these aspects appear to emerge on a smaller scale and to reach a less developed stage or, in the case of Ukraine and Belarus, to be in a nascent form.[3] The memory of Jews and the Holocaust in postcommunist Poland has persistently occupied a central stage in public debate since, as the historian Padraic Kenney calls it, the peaceful “carnival of the revolutions” of 1989.[4] At present, the more than twenty-year-old boom of the “theater” of Jewish memory shows no sign of declining.

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