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Unlike many cancers in adults, childhood cancers are not strongly linked to lifestyle or environmental risk factors.

The types of cancers that occur in young adults are a mix of many of the types that can develop in children, teens, and older adults.

Among young adults, the outlook tends to be better in those who are older at the time of diagnosis.

The most common sign of breast cancer is a new lump or mass that’s often hard and painless, although some cancers are soft, tender, or even painful.

There are 2 main types of lymphoma: Both types can occur in young adults.

Cancer is not common in young adults, but a wide variety of cancer types can occur in this age range, and treating these cancers can be challenging for a number of reasons. The most common cancers in older people are skin, lung, colorectal, breast (in women), and prostate (in men).

Many cancers in adults are linked to lifestyle-related risk factors (such as smoking, being overweight or obese, or lack of physical activity) or to other environmental factors.

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There is no strict definition of what separates “childhood cancers” from cancers in young adults, or when exactly a person is no longer a young adult.

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