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The sewage is collected via gravity and low-pressure lines and transported directly to the Red Creek Wastewater Treatment Plant, owned and operated by Wayne County Water and Sewer Authority.As of this date, ALL Contracts (1 - 8) have been successfully completed.The installation of a new master meter was completed at the main connection point to supply.Installation of a master meter pit and system at the connection of CCWSA Water District 3, on Experimental Road, Aurelius was also completed by CCWSA.Plus, CCWA staff maintains approximately 1,500 miles of water distribution pipes, 1,300 miles of sewer conveyance pipes and 500 miles of stormwater infrastructure.CCWA is one of the few metropolitan water utilities in the country utilizing constructed treatment wetlands to recharge its water supply.The water is treated and supplied by the City of Auburn, through the Town of Aurelius to the CCWSA District.

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This approach to upgrade the equipment with modern technology, a continuous process, has been technically successful and we continue to have timely and accurate water consumption reports and billings.The Village and the Town of Sterling has continued to work cooperatively with this Authority to construct the sewer system to its completion.This project is a multi-phase, multi-funded sewer project to satisfy the sewer requirements and mandates of the DEC, EPA and Department of Health, in addition to funding agency requirements.The installation of approximately 600' of waterline and two hydrants was completed by CCWSA manpower.In 2016 the Town of Mentz contracted with CCWSA to operate and maintain its water facilities, known as Mentz Water District 2.

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