Cambodia adult literacy

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The Royal Government of Cam­bodia and the Ministry of Edu­ca­tion, Youth and Sport recognize the vi­tal role of literacy and lifelong learning in attaining national development goals.

The National Stra­tegic Development Plan 2014-2018 iden­tifies literacy and lifelong learning as key policy priorities.

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His motivation is so real that he puts all his energy into the teaching sessions and the results speak for themselves.There are approximately 3,000 Kavet, living in 6 villages, all of which have classes.Classes are held at night using solar lighting systems, and other materials provided by YWAM Tong Kam Noy, one of the literacy teachers, is a young girl of 15 years.The reports by the Ministry of Planning indicate that while literacy rates grew by 10 percent between 19 for those aged 15 and over, it slowed down to only 2 percent between 20, leaving approximately 2.1 million adult Cambo­dians who still cannot read and write.While celebrating the 2014 In­ter­national Literacy Day, the Ministry of Education, Youth and Sport and Unesco call for a significant increase in allocation of both financial and human resources from the govern­ment, development partners and civil society during the next 480 days to accelerate literacy efforts in Cambodia.

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