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WHICH MEANS YOU Think You May Dance famed, modern dancer, Allison Holker has flabbergasted everyone with her sexy however pleasing moves.

This incredibly talented dancer intended for dancing since 3 years outdated without knowing her interest could property her to the globe of stardom.

Credited with a range of function in concert tours, tv and flicks, Allison’s grooves and abilities provides been honored with multiple awards and nominations, including 2013, Primetime Emmy Award Nomination for Excellent Choreography, 2007, National Senior Dancer of the entire year, 2005, National Senior Excellent Dancing for NEW YORK Dance Alliance and 2004, National Senior Performer of the entire year from Organization Dance.

Dance with the neighborhood studio named Dance Golf club at age group four, Allison discovered to became an impressive modern lyrical professional and contemporary jazz professional.Holker was presented in the music video of Christina Perry in " Jar of Hearts" and was the back-up dancer of Demi Lovato in September/October 2011.She was also the back-up dancer in The X Element USA working with Brian Friedman.Born in Minnesota as Allison Renae Holker, she grew up in Orem, Utah, USA.She finished her schooling through Timpanogos SENIOR HIGH SCHOOL in 2006.

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