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Cotton growing in Central Asia has become of greater importance to the Russians, and Russia sends its military into Central Asia, where people are sparse, largely tribal, economically undeveloped, and Muslim.In China, the leader of the Taiping Rebellion, Hong Xiuchuan, proclaims that God will defend his city, Tianjin (southeast of Beijing).China's Manchu emperor, Xianfeng, has been weakened by debauchery and drugs and dies at the age of thirty. The former consort, Cixi, becomes the boy's regent and acquires the title Dowager Empress.(Oct 24) Telegraphy connects the west coast of United States to the east coast. In Germany, workers making mirrors have lost all of their teeth.In the US, five all-black colleges are founded: Howard University in Washington D. Feudal lords and others have been conspiring against the Tokugawa rule. The emperor rules nominally while civil war continues.C., Morgan State College in Maryland, Talladega College in Alabama, St. A rallying cry is, "Honor the Emperor; expel the barbarian." Despite the anti-barbarian slogan, US, British, French and Dutch forces join against the shogunate, shelling coastal fortresses and sinking the shogun's ships. Attacks on foreigners continue, but people with influence and power do not want to provoke intervention by the Western Powers and move to end such attacks.Politicians must account themselves to the increased electorate, but the upper classes can better afford the increased campaigning, which helps conservative candidates.In the United States, the Republican Party has gained more seats in Congress, and Congress overrides President Andrew Johnson's veto of the "Reconstruction Act." An army, including a black militia, is sent to the South to enforce the law.

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One in five adult males in England and Wales can vote. A demonstration in London's Hyde Park is banned by the government, but the crowd is so huge that the government does not attack.Police are called in to control impatient crowds at bookstores. And unlike Marx (now in exile in London) who wants and end to the ruling class (as a class), Hugo wants to inspire them to humanitarianism and wants freedom and justice for all.The US civil war has cut Russia off from its primary source of cotton.George Custer and his Seventh Cavalry follow tracts of a small raiding party to a Cheyenne village on the Washita River, in western Oklahoma, within the borders of the Cheyenne reservation.There they slaughter Black Kettle, his family and others of the Cheyenne tribe.

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    In Deutschland ist das folgende Modell auch als Im Jahr 1977 ergänzte Tuckman übrigens selbst noch eine fünfte Phase: das Adjourning – oder die sogenannte Auflösungsphase.

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