Abuse dating in relationship

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SEE ALSO: Youth Culture Update: Abuse in the Digital Age Another key to training is for parents to teach their children what honoring the opposite sex means.

“When our kids see how I treat my spouse, they’re going to know what’s healthy in a relationship,” said Baldwin.

“Parents need to open a dialogue with their youth about digital dating abuse, to really understand the nature of that relationship so that the child can get help if needed.” Zweig expressed her concern that some teens are starting to accept that such digital harassment is part of life.

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But what hasn’t been fully understood is how abusive technology can become, especially in teen dating relationships.

“But what we didn’t anticipate was the overlap that we found with other forms of teen dating violence.” Study Specifics The Urban Institute study delivers some startling statistics concerning teens and digital dating abuse.

According to the study, girls in a relationship are digitally victimized more often than boys, especially when the abuse is sexual.

Only 17 percent of the teens who report digital harassment say they experienced it on school grounds.

Digitally Speaking SEE ALSO: Dating Violence in Teen Years Can Have Lasting Impact Teenagers today use technology more frequently than previous generations.

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